Craig Leckie

Senior Project Manager

Craig has more than forty years of service in the Department of Main Roads, Roads and Traffic Authority and Roads and Maritime Services. Positions held include Senior Road Designer, Road Safety Officer, Traffic Operations Manager, Traffic and Safety Manager, Network Manager and Senior Project Development Manager.

Craig is highly skilled in traffic management, traffic operations, road design and gateway and assurance processes, including conducting internal gateway reviews and managing more than 20 business cases.

Over his extensive experience working at RMS, Craig has been involved in a comprehensive range of road planning and construction projects. The following is a brief summary of his key experience:

    • Over twenty-five years’ experience in providing advice and managing improvements to the road network to improve road safety in Hunter Region and the Central Coast
    • Four years management experience in all behavioural aspects of road safety, including the preparation and implementation of behavioural road safety campaigns
    • Forty years’ experience in liaison with the community, government departments and authorities, councils, and private consultants
    • Experience in all aspects of road design as a lead road designer
    • Thirty five years management experience in the chairing of and participation in Project Meetings, setting directions for projects
    • Participation in Continuous Improvement teams to improve road safety.
    • Forty years experience in all engineering aspects of road safety, including road safety audits and devising and programming complex remedial measures
    • Forty years experience in all aspects of traffic management and the examination of and provision of advice relating to local area traffic management schemes, traffic modelling, network development
    • Extensive experience in the analysis of traffic crash statistics and traffic volume data to determine appropriate measures
    • Managing the development of and business case preparation for major road roads within the Central Coast Region
    • Experience in leading and participating in Business Case Reviews for Transport for NSW as well as Roads and Maritime Services