CCHD - Berry to Bomaderry

Roads and Maritime Services

Simon Cusack

Project Description
The A1 Princes Highway upgrade involved the duplication on an 11.5 kilometre section of the Princes Highway between Schofields Lane, Berry and Cambewarra Road, Bomaderry. This project delivers upon a long help government commitment of a four-lane Princes Highway between the Princes Highway and south of Nowra.

The upgrade would include the following key features:

  • Upgrade the existing two lane highway to four lanes at 100km/h
  • A half interchange at Pestells Lane and Meroo Road.
  • An underpass at Devitts Lane and Morschels Lane for local road access.
  • An overpass at Strongs Road and Jaspers Brush Road for local road access.
  • Protected right turn bays to northbound and southbound u-turn bays.
  • A total of eight bridges over waterways.
  • Increased road shoulder widths to three metres, where possible, with vehicle breakdown bays.
  • A cutting at Strongs Road, Jaspers Brush, around 300 metres long and up to 10 metres deep.
  • Drainage and flood mitigation structures.

Cusack Project Services were engaged to take over the project management of the concept design and REF preparation while the incumbent project manager was on extended leave. This engagement involved the management of both RMS and third party contract service providers across road and bridge design, geotechnical investigations, survey, flood modelling, community consultation and environmental assessment.

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Communications including community & stakeholder engagement
  • Environmental Management
  • Design Management

With the conversion of the highway from full movement to left-in, left out for much of its length driveway and intersection access became an issue. Simon proposed an alternate intersection layout that enables both side roads at a former cross junction to retain the right turn in access from the highway. While Simon’s proposed treatment had not been seen by the Princes or Pacific Highway road design managers or the Principal Road Design Engineer, it was accepted and provided a win for the residents of Boxsells lane, whom up until this point were to lose access.